Malkin Tile Vase

Yve Ngoo Tweeted:

@potteriestiles I have a Malkin Tiles Vase in Stoneware, stamped Malkin Tiles and a symbol of a Deer. What can you tell me about this vase?”

David Malkin kindly offers this wonderful reply:

“We made two sizes of flower vase (given to customers at Christmas). There were two shapes – one rather bulbous and the other smaller and narrower. Some had incisements on their sides. They were glazed in heavy tile glazes. The trouble was they tended to leak, which was not good for polished furniture. So we used to cover the bottom with clear nail varnish. The emblem was our trade mark as from the 1950’s.We used to call it the “Kingu” after our design director, Leonard King. I used the emblem on my notepaper and all Tile Source Inc literature, until I left the USA!”

Thank you David!

For more information courtesy of Malkin Tiles

250px-Antelope_Tile_1_-_Malkin_Edge_&_Co   250px-Antelope_Tile_2_-_Malkin_Edge_&_Co-1


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